Artist: 42

Album: Life is 42

Track: 어디야
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42- 어디야 

when the alcohol warms up your body/ let the rhythm paint your body

yall missing out, 42 on that beenzino vibe 

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Artist: Saltnpaper (솔튼페이퍼)

Album: Single "LoveStrong"

Track: LoveStrong (Feat. Tablo/타블로 of Epik High)
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Artist: Saltnpaper (솔튼페이퍼)
Song: LoveStrong (Feat. Tablo/타블로 of Epik High)
Album: Single “LoveStrong”

This song is so real, it’s mindblowing. Saltnpaper is another name for rapper MYK. I’m guessing he decided to give himself a different title for this album because it shows a different side of him. The song may speak to you more because it’s all in English! And MYK and Tablo undeniably make the perfect duo; both real as real can be and musically daring.

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Artist: Suga, V, and Jung Kook of BTS

Album: Unofficial BTS: American Hustle Life OST

Track: "Oh, Happy Day"
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Oh, Happy Day" (Live) — sung by Suga, V, and Jung Kook of Bangtan Boys

Album: Unofficial BTS: American Hustle Life OST (not really an album but it should be, this is actually from episode eight.)

*** Happy Bangtan Thursday! ***

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A princess shouldn't be treated like that, guys...

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I’m going to express all my emotions this way from now on.

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the question we all wanted to know the answer tofinally

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daehyun’s logic

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